Invest in Real Estate Today Make $5000

Hello, Brian Araluce here if your wondering how to make great money from the comfort of your home you may want to Invest in Real Estate and here is how it works. I sell my homes rent to buy, by getting control of single family houses off of craigslist. I have all the proper contracts needed to close deals in any state except Texas and Alaska. If you don’t mind putting in the hours making phone calls to sellers than this might be what your looking for.

After we get control of the property, we then market the properties online on craigslist or Zillow, then we wait for the buyers to start pouring in. Remember the seller isn’t paying us, we get paid by the buyer. We qualify the tenant buyers by sending them a tenant application and pulling their credit, eviction, and background reports. The seller has the right to approve or reject the buyers we bring to them. If the property is located in another state we usually hire someone to show the property off craigslist and pay them an hourly wage. This is all completely legal as long as you have the memo signed making you a principal in the transaction.

We then ask the buyer for the 1st month rent and a Lease Option Fee which we keep. The 1st month rent we pass to the seller. We facilitate the contracts via email, have the buyer and seller sign them and we are out the deal. This is a very quick flip type of deal. We assign our rights to buy to another buyer for a fee. If this interests you email me at to get started or contact me at 508-663-6048

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