How to make simple carbon fiber panels

This video shows the basics of carbon fiber lay up, step by step for vacuum bagging. The Carbon Fiber fabric used in this video is not what you would normally see. This fabric has a binding agent that helped hold the weave together making the lay up easier for instruction purposes. Your tradtional fabrics would be much looser and easier to mold in three demensional molds. Take a look, and ask any questions you may have.

The number one question I get asked is where to buy some of the carbon fiber products I have used in some of my videos. The answer is not an easy one because there are a ton of products and vendors out there, but if you are considering to try and make some carbon fiber here are a few links to get you started.

Starter Kits
Carbon Fiber Starter Kit – 2×2 Twill 36″ x 6″ –
Carbon Fiber Starter Kit – 2×2 Twill 36″ x 14″ –
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Carbon Fiber Fabric
Carbon Fiber Fabric – 3K, 2 X 2 – Twill Weave – 1 yd Roll –
Carbon Fiber Fabric 6K 2 x 2 Twill Weave – 50″ Wide – 5 yd Roll –

Epoxy Resin Kits
Epoxy Resin Kit, 3/4 Gallon, High Strength, Easy Wet-Out, Parts A & B Included –

Vacuum Bagging Supplies
Vacuum Pump –
Bagging Film –
Sealant Tape –
Vac Bag Connector –
Breather Ply –
Release / Peal Ply –
Infusion Flow Media – (only need if doing infusion)
*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases*

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  1. How would I create a mold for a vehicle door panel? I imagine I have to remove my door panel, but what kind of material does the mold need to be? What is the easiest method? And how do I make sure the mold has all the screw and clip points built into it as the plastic panel has?

  2. Im making a carbon fiber swith plate for a switch on my boat. What is best tool to use to cut out the opening for the switch? Should I precut it before wrapping or after?


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