How To Make $1,000+ Per Day With Ebay Dropshipping – Advice From MASSIVE Dropshipper

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In this video we get to dive into a MULTI-MILLION dollar Ebay dropshipper, Paul J Lipsky, and how he has been able to scale his own Ebay dropshipping business. Now how do you make $1,000 per day with Ebay dropshipping? Well… Paul will tell you how, so pay attention, take some notes and enjoy the video! 🙂

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  1. It’s actually relatively easy to reach 1k/day revenue dropshipping, but the key is creating profit of $1k per day. Judging by the fact that they didn’t mention that this $1000/ day is profit one could assume that this guy is making $250/day profit tops though more likely he’s making about $800/day revenue (as people tend to overestimate how much they are making) and about $150-200 profit (55k-73k before tax).


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