How To Fix Earning at risk | Google Adsense Error | ads.txt file

How To Fix Earning at-risk Google Adsense Error | ads.txt file
So, in this video, you will be going to learn how to fix earning at risk google Adsense error notifications.

ads.txt file
Google Adsense

I am going to show via the Cpanel method on this video.

Step: First, log in to AdSense.
Step2: Download the ads.txt file and
Step3: upload it to the root folder of your site via Cpanel.

After uploading ads.txt to the site.
After a few hours, your error will disappear.
And Check the notifications again you can see it resolved.
The green tick can be seen on the notifications. we can fix the or creat ads.text file AdSense.

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  1. Hallo sir gd afternoon … mera is manth earning huyi 200$ but some tactical issues to payment aya nhi maybe next manth 21 tak ayga …. thank you so much for ur updates thnk you very much …


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