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We are thrilled about this channel. 2019 was a breakthrough year for the Slidebean YouTube channel, and since we don’t get to be on YouTube’s Rewind (yet), we figured we’d do one of our own.

This Rewind won’t be just random intercut videos. We want to add some value.

So, we are big believers in transparency. We’ve opened our 2015 financials for your review, told you how much these videos cost to make, and, overall, are happy to discuss where we are as a company- without getting into the specifics that our competitors could leverage.

But YouTube is a not-so-secret weapon, if you, stalker, really wanted to know, you could probably figure out how many views we get, and how much money the channel generates.

YouTube has become a fantastic channel to engage with our customers, we’ve developed a really cool and engaged audience, it’s motivated me to start a personal channel to talk about non-Slidebean stuff, and most importantly- we get tons and tons feedback on how our videos are useful for your entrepreneurial journey.

Let’s dive right in, these are our channel metrics!

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1:11 Slidebean YouTube Subscribers
2:01 Slidebean YouTube Views
3:00 Slidebean YouTube Revenue I
4:36 Slidebean YouTube Revenue II

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  1. I love your channel.. glad I came across it. I have a question that I hope you can cover in regards to knowing how much money to raise and hiring. How did you budget how much money to raise? Did you specifically line out each item. Also with hiring how much did you budget for that? What about salaries.. did you look for entry level or med/higher qualifications/pay? We are based in Los Angeles so hiring the best talent is expensive.


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