Make Money as an Artist 💸24 Ways

Do you have so many dreams and wishes for your art, but no money to fulfill them? This video is for you! You can make money following these methods as long as you have access to the Internet.

No upfront payment, no 9-5 commitment! You can do it in your spare time as you go. Today I want to offer you a collection of 24 websites where you can make money with your art skills.
01 Sell original artworks on SaatchiArt.
02 Sell original artworks on ArtFinder.
03 Sell merchandising on Society6.
04 Sell merchandising on RedBubble.
05 Sell commissioned works on Facebook.
06 Ask for monthly donations on Patreon.
Watch video Patreon for Artists:
07 Ask for once-off donations on Kickstarter.
08 Sell online courses on Skillshares.
09 Sell more course on Udemy.
10 Tutor online using Preply.
11 License your illustration on iStockPhoto.
12 Apply for artist residency with stipends on Resartis.
13 Create videos (tutorials, reviews or vlogs) on Youtube.
Watch video Start You Art Channel on YouTube:
14 Brand endorsement and shoutout on Instagram.
15 Make money streaming videos on Twitch.
16 Start your own POD on Printful (via Shopify or Bigcartel).
Watch video Print-on-Demand for Artists:
17 Affiliate marketing on Amazon.
18 Self publish your photo album or art book using Blurb.
19 Freelance design work on Upwork.
20 Micro gig on Fiverr. Sign up & get coupon:
21 Offer other freelance work on Freelancer.
22 Making art and craft experiences on Airbnb Experience.
23 Host art events, art talks or workshops on Meetup.
Watch video:
24 Teaching art classes offline using Heytutor.
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Comment (5)

  1. I know its easier said than done and would all require handwork. I think I might get a scanner and try the prints and a few for stock-photo. I would also checkout/research the Facebook currency you mentioned, who knows if it could be the next bitcoin or worst.

    As for online courses; not a good teacher so am not messing with those ones


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