Which Investor Are You? (Start Here)

Which type of investor are you? Stock market, dividends, real estate, bonds, penny stocks, or cryptocurrency investor? Find out!

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Which type of investor are you? What is the best investment, and where do you start? There’s a lot of options to choose from. The ones we’ll be covering in the video are stock market, dividends, real estate, bonds, cryptocurrency, and penny stocks. There are a LOT of other ways to invest but these are the major ways of investing that people seek in order to grow their passive income and wealth.

Not all investments are created equal and each caters to a different person with different risk levels and money goals. Index funds typically tend to be riskier but have some of the best rates of return by following the broad stock market. Real Estate requires money and low interest rates but it can grow your net worth by leveraging. Real estate has created more millionaires than any other asset class.

Bonds are the least risky of all. They protect your wealth by giving you returns roughly equal to inflation at 2% per year. Young people in their 20s should not invest here.

Dividend investors have similar returns to index fund investors, except dividend investments are cash flow focused. I consider these to be the best investments that suits my needs the most. The downside is that you need a lot of cash to make passive income. Dividends are also taxed advantageously.

If you want to hedge your investments with an uncorrelated asset class, then cryptocurrency (gold of the digital age) is a good option to explore. The risk vs return is very favorable for investors and crypto enthusiasts who believe that fiat currency will go to zero.

For people who want to make money online, or make money fast, penny stocks are capable but they are extremely unreliable and take a lot of your time. Options are better than penny stocks but extremely difficult to be profitable with consistently.

These are the major forms of investing, and I’d like to cover more in the future.

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Comment (42)

  1. Andrei Im in my early 40s and just started investing, I’m learning so much from you and I think your presentation is so engaging and will really help younger peeps out there start investing, wish I had started earlier but hey! Still hope for me 😂 but my point is that your videos are so good you make the whole process fun, exciting, educational and magical, please continue to do those kind
    of videos I think you have found your groove and I appreciate you!

  2. Hey Andrei I like your videos and want to start using robinhood or webull but none of those are available in my country (Colombia), do you know any alternatives I can try?

  3. Feel free to totally ignore this comment andre but I have a question. I am 20 I make ~50k per year with no debt and about 20k in the bank I put over $1000 in investments each month. I still live with my parents and I am in no rush to move out but do you think I should primarily focus on investing or trying to save enough to buy a house cash. Also anyone else feel free to comment.

  4. Hi Andrei.i am a 47 years old single mothers of 2 and I live in a very small and very under ambargo country named TRNC.i know nothing about investing but I want to learn so I find you on you tube and I want to thank you for your videos.i watch just a few by now and I probably must rewatch some of theme but I think that you give good advices. So thanks

  5. It's always evident you come from a performance background and I think that's what makes your financial content more engaging than anyone else's I've checked out. Keep killing it.

  6. 20 year growth investor, primarily in technology and built a nice portfolio at 48. Your videos have convinced me it is time to begin to switch strategies to dividend man. Opened a new account and bought my first dividend focused stock, BIG (Big Lots!) pays 4.2%. Love your videography and content. Mother Russia produced an awesome and funny human. You are going to kill it in 2020 on this channel and patreon. Keep investing!

  7. I already love you and then you have to bring up yata garasu! Boy you nearly made me salivate. by the way, I've been watching your stuff for a very healthy amount of time and although I haven't jumped in yet I am saving up funds to pay off my debt on my car payment, and then once I'm down to just my student loans will start spending time actually focusing on investing. That said getting all this info before I dip my toes in is life saving! Your content has been some of the highlights when I get out of bed in the morning and start the day fresh rather than sleep in till noon. You're motivating, inspiring, entertaining, and you're positive outlook is great for listening to. Your someone I love to learn from! My guy you a 10/10. Also definitely going to start watching your card magic videos as well as a new hobby, and that way I can bust out yata garasu at a moments notice! No sangan required boys! (Jk, only using card tricks for good my guy)

  8. I am 17, and I have recently started to have a lot of interest in investing. This video with the whole gaming and "ok boomer" theme just really wanted me to share the video with my friends. Sadly, none of them really do not even know what investing is at all, other than putting money into something. All they could relate to would be the gaming and meme references. Great work, Andrei.

  9. I have a question: I invested in a few dividend funds recently but all of them pay out dividends on the same day once per year. In my mind that means that I'm losing out on a lot of compounding from the reinvestments. Is this correct?

  10. Hey, Andrei Love the videos! I'm 19 and have already started investing in stocks with dividends and ETFs ( about $319 in and it's up to $330 as of right now) because of your videos! I do have a quick question though what does "buying call options" on Robinhood do for you? I've seen other videos but can't grasp my mind around it, I love the way you explain things think you can make a video on it?

  11. My Investing type (when I earn enough), is planned to be mostly index funds with a side in dividend investing.
    the others wouldnt be for earning, but more "for the lulz", if I ever have Vegas-Money.

    When it comes to real-estate and crypto, they have great potential, but I am not willing to put in the work 😀


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