Can You Make Money Dropshipping Items On Ebay???

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True! See what Tom Arnold said about me…

OK… there is a huge buzz about this dsdomination dropship via ebay thing and I just need to make sure you guys know where I am on this now.

The botton line on dropshipping goods on ebay is this… yes, people are making money with it but this isn’t without risk. I am not saying you should or shouldn’t do this program. At this point you are going to have to look at all the facts and decide for yourself but if I were in a position where I was thinking about doing this… I would pass.

I have some HONEST user reviews posted on my site and you can go read them there. They are in the Product Reviews section (newly formed as of 4/14/2014)

Anyway, I hope this makes things clear and you understand my position on this and all my videos about products.

Maximum respect and all the best,


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  1. Hmmmmmmmmm! what a genius why don’t you just spit out the actual facts about drop shipping instead of pretending not to know much about it. affiliates are drop shippers so stop the coy. it took me all of 5 min to look into product drop shipping and see through it for what it was and you want to play some idiotic game of hiring independents to give a user assessment. holy shit man grow up tell it like it is non of you self proclaimed geniuses are actually a nut above the common folk tuning in to listen to your mouth fart. Well if any of you have a minute to read some actual truth them hear it is China and no one else is cornering the market on drop shipping by the marketing strategy known as flood and fill.
    Name brands have product manufactured to proprietary specs and marketed though degreed niche resellers and providers TELUS, Bell, Sprint, Costco, Wal-Mart, Best Buy etcetera its a protected market for the most part. The online market for drop ship is handing the idea of selling product to resellers via their personal sites and accounts eBay Amazon and the likes. So all you folks want in on the hype someone else is doing it so you can to right, wrong. it’s not a protected market you may get sales but they capitalizes on that even more than you ever will, what you end up doing is driving the majority of sales back to the intended seller which is the manufacture for the most part based in china and they have a national conglomerated affiliation.
    So you post an item listing for what you think is a competitive price based on what the wholesale company says you can get it for then you check what its being sold for on other sites and by other listings and then conclude that its offered at the rock bottom price from china with fee shipping. so what did you do by listing the same item and dozens like you, you drove the sale straight to china by your exposure because when someone does the listing search eBay and Amazon will bring up the lowest pricing for you to compare they even go as far as sending you a message saying they found one for less so ho except the manufacturer is going to list below anyone’s cost no matter if you bought a hundred and they will ship free. Ya some sales are made domestic but it’s nothing compared to what you passed off to the lowest seller. This marketing schema was designed to push volume by human nature in search of the deal. There are floods of people listing the same items in order to drive the sales back to the direct seller because they have the production molds and inventory to offer the lowest price direct to consumer. Why would anyone do all that work for what will basically eliminate themselves from the market. Smarten the fuck up stay the fuck away from china drop shipping and pick products made local or close to home (cant, we don’t make them here) every time you send a dollar out of the country 3 have to come in to replace it and that’s not happening in the consumer market or any other market for that matter since most don’t want guns and bombs anymore.
    The Us has isolated its marketability since the 2n WW to arms trade and now the most of the world doesn’t want their toys, they are growing up and leaving the US behind as a productive society for anything other than military supply. The US doctrine for expansion dictated by national interest that affiliated allies were to purchase from the US military support and that has been changing for a while now because so many of the affiliated national interests (partners) to the US don’t want proliferated arms deals . You think this has anything to do with drop shipping. Online products are time scaled and the people doing drop shipping are just sort of ignorant as far as foresight because they are pure capitalists and pure capitalism has its demons. Like shooting yourself in the foot only thing is they have you shooting the neighbors foot also. Try thinking for yourself a little and for others a little more instead of approaching these self proclaimed fucken geniuses as go to go rue know-it-alls.
    Stop looking for someone else to make something for you to sell just so you can resell it you end up an empty vestal at the end kind of like this self important goof with the glasses farting out his mouth.
    My advise stop thinking so highly of yourself it shows poor character.

  2. My dad has been using this form of dropshipping items but with actual physical things without using his money he calls up his contacts so I get the idea how to implement it in online I'm gonna start doing it right now the internet is the best tool to make money my dad would be richer if he actually knew how to use the internet lol

  3. King"
    Just wanted to tell ya that I learn alot from you!
    I haven't made a mil yet…..
    I'm hearing that One Mil ant chit these day`s.. 
              Thanks Man, Cheers.

  4. interesting points ,if anyone else trying to find out how to profit from drop shipping wholesalers try Greega Mega Mailing Guru (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my m8 got cool results with it.

  5. KH from another planet  I really need your advice–I make good money, do not have a car payment,have been doing Dave Ramsey snow ball and have paid off 4 credit cards, but I  am buried in credit card debt still, I am a vet tech and hospital manager, I am able to give several animals free care or extremely discounted care, I donate to St Judes and also Chox  have for years, I do not have the money required for drop ship. I have gone to thrift sales and garage sales, picked up a few items I think will bring good profit, borrowed a really good camera  from a friend yet I am scared to death to take pictures and list these items—what is wrong with me? My daughter feels that I will be taking advantage of uneducated people, but I feel that the items I have will only appeal to the people that know there worth. Please help, I need input  TY

  6. This was a great idea with one flaw… What if you sell a product on eBay at one price and the price on Amazon goes up. NOW YOU HAVE TO REFUND THE CUSTOMER OR TAKE A LOST!! This idea is too much of a headache and risk. Trust me it happen to me 3 times!  

  7. there is a step by step achievement process on ds dominate web site. the web site is crappy, my account is stuck they do not pick up the phone and they do not do a damn thing about it in there support area. its been almost 3 weeks and still nothing from them. i have sold 1 item and did make about 8 dollars on that order. but it takes hours to find things above the 3 dollar range. most item i found after hours and hours are about 50 cents to 2 dollars. so far not worth the time and not worth the 20 dollars for a site that dose not work…. but not giving up yet. i am a kinghumanelite member as-well.

  8. The whole superlist website crap u told us to get in another video is not just $9 8 haven't bought it yet vut a lot of people are saying their is an upsell at the end of checkout that is crucial for the program to work. And I couldn't post a comment on that video for some reason so I had to post it here.

  9. Hi KingHuman,
    Q. What do you think about selling pet rocks on E-Bay?
    You wouldn't have to leave home much, I'm sure there would be some people who will buy them, good profit to be made on each pet rock you sell.
    Regards,  Ed from Detroit.

  10. I dont even pay that much attention to what products you are promoting, I just like you see your general attitude towards IM and business in general, you tend to dissect marketing concepts in a way that makes me see it in a different perspective, which is a great learning tool. Plus I like to see your latest thrombos… great entertainment. Keep up the good work. 


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